Pirate Swords, and a little BBQ too.

Pirate Ahoy, me hearties! Here lies the treasure to end all treasure hunts! Grab one o’ these fer yerself or be walkin’ the plank!

The cutlass is likely the most associated weapon of pirates by modern society.  Our Pirate Cutlass is an excellent replica of this kind of sword. It was commonly used among them and is one weapon that would keep working even after all the ammo was discharged from their guns. As it is shorter than other swords and has a broader, more sturdy and curved blade, these swords were excellent for fighting in close proximities in smaller areas, like on or below deck.

The cutlass is likely the most associated weapon of pirates by modern society. Our

With 32.5 inches in overall length, this intimidating weapon features a stainless steel blade, a sturdy metal handle, and a leather finish, it is no wonder that this style of sword is the pirate’s most favored!

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Whilst on the hunt for fine weaponry, feast your eyes on this fabulous Swashbuckling BBQ Sword! Yes, you read that right – a barbecue SWORD! You can use this fire BBQer to cook some fabulous weenies or sausages and to ward off any unwanted guests (aka hungry neighbors).

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