Secretly The Best Movie Ever: Karate Kid II

It’s easy to throw all the Karate Kid movies into one category: cheesy nostalgia films with no real substance. I vehemently disagree. Karate Kid II specifically, is in my opinion one of the best films of the ‘80s. Isn’t it weird, how sequels can sometimes surpass the original in both cinematography and plot? Think about it. Back To The Future II? Way better than the first. Though the first one does hold a special place in my heart, the second is my absolute favorite of the series. But back to Karate Kid II. It is visually stunning. The scenes set in Okinawa especially have a certain simple beauty, not to mention the final battle in those ruins… I mean, come on… you have to admit it was really well done. And that hurricane sequence? Intense. Really good acting from the bad guy, by the way. Remember him? Boy, he was a looker…

But what..a..jerk..

With an awesome ‘80s soundtrack to match, this movie is the perfect representation of that ‘80s “go get ‘em” attitude. When movies were unrealistically up beat, and we loved it! You always knew the underdog would win, no matter how high the odds were stacked up against him. The skinny unlikely hero always steps up in the end, leaving you in tears of joy. (Yes, I always cry… it’s just so good!)

Relive all your favorite Karate Kid moments with these products from Heavenly Swords. Now you can train like Daniel-San and kick that blonde guy’s butt.


And yes, I know that’s from the first one. All you need now is one of those little drum things you slide between your palms… you know what I’m talking about.


Foam Padded Dragon Nunchaku Karate Practice

The biggest mistake you can make is training with real nunchucks. These are padded with foam, so you don’t have to suffer the bruises of learning with real metal and wood ones.

Stainless Steel All Metal Nunchaku

Once you know what you’re doing you can move on to these beauties. Any challenger will be both impressed and intimidated when they see you handle these gleaming nunchucks with ease. They’re made of stainless steel with an overall length of 29”.

Extreme Black Shinobi Throwing Star Set of 4

Ok, so Daniel-San doesn’t really use these, but anyone interested in Martial Arts weapons knows that ninja stars are a must-have! This is a set of four different styles, made of black anodized steel and come with a nylon pouch and belt loop.

Wooden Training Dummy

A valuable investment for someone who wants to truly be a ninja. It is made of 100% hardwood. It is not only an important training tool, but will look awesome in your man cave. Practice your moves with this iconic training tool.

The Karate Kid films have sustained various reincarnations. Think 1994’s The Next Karate Kid, with Hilary Swank (admittedly, not her best work), or the slightly better, yet totally manufactured 2010 remake with Will Smith’s son. I understand why movie studios want to recapture the magic we all love, but these movies are classics for a reason! We should start a campaign against remakes… it just makes me sad.




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