Submit Your Sword Videos

Calling all sword fans and videos!

Heavenly swords is looking for coolest videos from those using our products and merchandise. Specifically, we are looking for demonstration videos and/or straight forward product reviews from fans and collectors.

Shoot your video keeping it at two-minute(s) (or less). (Accepted file formats: .AVI, Quicktime, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV, DV, h.264) Please do not embed your personal contact info into the video. If you need to give credits, please insert them at the end of the video.

When you are ready to send us your video – simply let us know by emailing us your name and video description to contact (at) heavenly

You will receive an email confirmation and instructions for uploading your video. If there is a high volume of videos for a particular product, it may take us a few days to review, approve, and post your video, so please be patient.

Once your video makes the cut, it will be included on and you will receive a $20 dollar promotional coupon to use at our store on a future purchase.

* Tell your friends and family to bookmark your video product page so that they can easily come back to monitor if your video gets posted.

Send us those videos!

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