Halloween Swords

Halloween is a week away and many are scrambling to pick up last minute items to complete their look. We have compiled a list of the top Halloween costume swords and other weapons this year. Pick any of these up and your costume will be phenomenal.

10. 300-Immortal Sword – A mystical immortal is a great route to take. Disgustingly terrifying.

9. Sword of Strider – LOTR – If you are a Lord of the Rings Fan and plan to get your Aragorn on this year, this sword is a must have.

8. Swashbuckling Pirate Sword – Ransack everyone’s candy basket with this ferocious piratey sword! Arrrgh!

7. Naruto Sasuke Kusanagi Grass Cutter Sword – This one is sharp, meaning you can do some serious pumpkin slicing damage or impress everyone with your sweet skills.

6. Batman Throwing Stars – Set of 3 – What is a Batman costume without throwing stars? I mean, seriously?

5. William Wallace Sword – Show everyone you mean business with this beast of a sword.

4. Bleach – Byakuya Kuchiki Senbonzakura Sword – Be the envy of everyone at the Halloween party with this Bleach replica.

3. Skull Gauntlet – The name of this one sounds a little creepy, but just wait til you get your hands on one! Nobody will mess with you!

2. Bleach – Renji Abari’s Awakened Zanpakuto – Wooden - Show off your manliness with this HUGE 52″ replica sword.

1. Bleach – 52″ Tensa Bankai – Wooden – This one is great for anyone and is not as dangerous as the real deal.

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Heavenly Swords Costume Cosplay Contest 2009

Get your Halloween costume on because it is time for the Annual Heavenly Swords Halloween Costume/Cosplay Contest!

It is that time of year again and we want to see you in your Halloween Costume or Cosplay! Send us pictures or video of you in your get-up and you will be entered into our contest for a $75 Heavenly Swords GIFT CERTIFICATE!

To enter, simply post your picture on your blog and shoot us an email with a link or just email your picture entry to us. The team at Heavenly Swords will vote once the contest is closed and will award the best one with a $75 Gift Certificate! This year’s contest is open from October 13th through October 31st!

Participation Rules/Instructions:

1.  Email us your picture (including your name and username at HeavenlySwords.com)


2.  Write and post a blog entry with your picture and one of the following phrases as links to the Heavenly Swords homepage: swords, fantasy swords, anime swords, video game swords, medieval swords, samurai swords, movie swords, or ninja weapons. If you aren’t comfortable creating hyperlinks on your blog, simply paste one of the below examples to your blog post:

Once you have published the completed blog entry or once you have your photo ready to submit, email us with either a link to the blog post or attach the photo to the email. You may send the email to “contact (at) heavenlyswords.com” with the subject “Costume Cosplay Contest.”

This contest is open to anyone who registers at HeavenlySwords.com so tell everyone you know!

We will judge based on the below criteria:

1. Degree of Difficulty
2. Start Value
3. Sword in Picture?
4. Is it funny?
5. Can we Tell What the Costume Is?

What you will win:

One free gift certificate will be given to the lucky winner at a value of $75.00. A valid email address is required to receive your certificate.

Contest Rules and Restrictions Apply:

Winner agrees to let Heavenly Swords use his or her name and picture in the future including but not limited to future Newsletter from Heavenly Swords stating that he or she won the “October Costume Contest”.

No entries will be accepted after 10/31/09.

Judging will take place on 11/01/09.

Notification will be sent to the winner via email by 11/07/09.

Free gift certificate will be sent via email to winner. If your address is not on file, you will be required to supply one in order to receive the gift certificate.

Contest only open to U.S residents living in the lower 48 States who are over the age of 18 and who can legally own a sword in the city and state in which they live. By entering the contest the contestant agrees to all of the above rules and agrees that they are not a minor. We reserve the right to change the contest rules at anytime. It is up to the contestant to understand and follow the laws and regulations governing sword ownership in their area. Contestants may not hold Heavenly Swords or its employees liable for any damage to merchandise purchased with the certificate caused by shipping. Contestants also agree not to hold Heavenly Swords or its employees liable for any damage caused by our merchandise.

Constant assumes all responsibility of our merchandise upon receiving it.

300 Movie Costumes

Who better to dress as for this year’s Halloween season than King Leonidas or one of the Immortals? If I were a guy, I’d definitely be strutting around in one of these…

Show off your manliness (with or without the body of Brian Danner) this year. We’ve got the complete Spartan outfit available to you! These items are great for wearing and will look awesome when displayed while not on your body:

Spartan/King Leonidas Costume:

  • King Leonidas Helmet – Cover thy head with one of these fancy helms.
  • Spartan Cape – You aren’t a Spartan without a cape, right? And what would your cape be without a Round Brooch?
  • 300 Spartan Warrior Shield – Defend thyself against thine enemies with one of these huge shields!
  • 300 Greaves – Also known as leg guards, these babies will complete your outfit nicely, and protect your shins too.
  • Vambrances – Keep your arms under protection from Xerxes’ army with these.
  • 300 Briefs – Every Spartan must have a pair (or two)!
  • Spartan Warrior Sword (wooden) – This one is people-friendly, so if you want to take your sword to a party and have a few drinks, nobody will avoid you like the plague in fear of angering you and your big bad Spartan sword.
  • 300 King Leonidas Sword – For the leader in you, lead your small army to take on the Persians with this powerful weapon.
  • 300 Spartan Warrior Spear Yet another must have for members of the Spartan army.

Immortal Costume:

  • Immortal Mask – Cover your face and show off your dark side with this awesome mask.
  • Immortal Sword – Strike fear into many while wielding this one.

These are just a few of our selection of weapons and accessories replicated from the 300 film based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel.

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Naruto Costume

Transform yourself into the mighty ninja, Naruto Uzumaki this Halloween season. Strive to become the strongest ninja in your village with any of our fear-instilling, yet fascinating Naruto weapons from the anime manga series!

Tips on Creating the Naruto look:

To dress like Naruto, use an orange jumpsuit and cut and sew a few pieces to complete the look (the pants should stop just below the knees and are loos fitting while the top should be orange with blue shoulders with an orange or white collar). Add a black belt, a headband, and a blonde wig (if you don’t have short, blonde hair)!

To finalize your look, you definitely need some weapons! Check out our inventory of Naruto weapons today! My recommendations: Naruto Sasuke Kusanagi Grass Cutter Sword for the Sasuke fan or the Wooden Zabuza Sword!

Cool Links:

Offical Naruto Website – Learn more about the series here and check out the character guide for more info on your favorite character!

Ninja Costume

So you want to be a Ninja (or “kunoichi” if you are a lady) this Halloween? Dressing up like a ninja is probably one of the coolest yet easiest costume ideas around. Sometimes dressing up isn’t as fun when you don’t play the part so here you will find some simple steps on how to be a ninja for a night and a couple must-have items for you.

Step 1. Dress like a ninja. They key here is dark – my choice would be black. Black pants, black shirt (turtleneck if you can tolerate one), and a ninja mask (you can make this easily out of a long piece of fabric or a tshirt). For simple steps on how to make a ninja mask from a tee shirt, please see below:
How to make a ninja mask out of a t-shirt: Put the shirt over your head, stopping with the neck opening right around your nose. While leaving the front of the neck opening around your face, pull the back of the opening up over your head and hang right above your eyes. Then take the loose parts of the shirt and place behind your head while tying the arms together in back. Tuck any excess fabric in the shirt you will be wearing.

Step 2: Think, react, and move like a ninja: The way of the ninja is not a violent or angry. The ninja does not manipulate by violent force, but instead by words and actions. You need to think before you react and never react in anger. You must be able to move stealthily and escape effectively. Have self control.

Step 3: Practice ninjutsu: Show off to your friends (an foes) with your cool ninja skills.

Step 4:
Get ninja weapons and swords! Some ninja essentials are below (wooden swords are recommended for Halloween, but not required):

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