William Wallace Sword

The beastly William Wallace Sword is pictured below, thanks to wielder, Kris. Kris carried the legendary sword during last weekend’s Texas Renaissance Festival.  His buddy, also Kris, wields the Highlander Sword – Macleod Broadsword 50 Inches! below.


Kris stands alone.











Before swords are drawn…











… and AFTER! 









Group Photo!











Pictured above: William Wallace Sword (left) and Highlander Sword – Macleod Broadsword 50 Inches! (right).

A special thanks to Kris and his friends for sharing their pictures of their awesome Medieval Swords.


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Valiant Armoury Swords

The crew at Heavenly Swords is proud to carry these beautiful creations by Valiant Armoury in our inventory. Valiant Armourny swords are medieval collectibles that are designed to be real swords. We currently have four gorgeous available. Each are hand forged by the finest craftsmen and fully functional. Wear any of these with pride.


Celtic Sword – This sword brings its wielder back to the days of pre-Christian Ireland, conjuring up images of such hearoes as Cuchullain or Conn of the Hundred Battles. It features a massive 27.5” leaf shaped hand forged blade, Anthropomorphic handle with steel guard and pommel, and comes with a leather sheath.

Medieval Falchion – The Falchion can be found amongst the 11th through 16th centuries. It is essentially a one-handed, single edged sword coming from Europe but with a design similar to the Persian scimitar and Chinese Doa. This fearsome weapon features a beautifully wrapped Macassar Ebony handle, solid steel crossguard, and will literally take your breath away when you first lay your hands on it.

Rhinelander Sword – With dashing S-curved guard, this sword of German descent was prominent in Europe around the 15th century. Featuring a great balance and 45” overall length, you can effectively swing this sword with great power. Comes with a leather scabbard. 

Sword of Nobility – This Sword would be welcomed to any Knight’s collection. It was inspired by the legendary crusades of the middle ages from the late 13th to 14th centuries, hence the flared cross guard which resembles a crucifix. It can be easily wielded with a single hand. Scabbard Included.

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