The Last Samurai: Swords Beyond Time

The first thing I picture when talking about The Last Samurai is the final scene, the cherry blossoms shaking in the wind as the film comes to its heartbreaking conclusion. I won’t tell you, in case you’ve never seen it. There’s nothing I despise more than a spoiler, and I’m no spoilsport, so you’ll have to watch it to find out what I mean.

If you did see it, you know exactly what I’m talking about. This film is ranked as one of the top 10 samurai films ever made by Not an easy feat by an American film. In fact, it’s the only American made film on the list.

The story follows Captain Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise), a tortured Civil War veteran hired by the Emperor of Japan to train peasants in modern warfare. By that I mean, like… guns. As in, out with the old, which poses a problem for the Samurai, who are super attached to their traditions (understandably so), yet wish to remain loyal to the Empire. Conflict? You got it.

The story really gets going when Algren is nursed back to health by the Samurai leader Katsumoto (Ken Watanabe) after a skirmish between the Samurai and Algren’s ill-trained soldiers. Extremely well written, the direction and acting on the parts of Cruise and Watanabe are superb. The depiction of common Japanese life in the 1870s is not only accurate, but beautifully portrayed. The fight scenes are simply shot, allowing the viewer to really experience the battles as if they were a spectator.

What else can I say? The movie is really really good. And it so makes me want to go to the backyard and practice with my katanas. After you watch it, you will too. Here are a few possibilities for your collection:

Demigod Katana

This sword is a gorgeous representation of the weapons used by the Samurai. It is 42” long with a 30” blade. It features a hand forged blade, made of high quality carbon steel. The saya is a black lacquered wood, beautiful! It comes with a cleaning kit, and a sword bag, so you can keep it in pristine condition.

Dragon Katana

This is another beautiful example of a sword a Samurai might carry. It is simple in its beauty, but truly packs a punch. The saya has a beautiful dragon detail, perfect for display. It is 39”, with a 27” stainless steel blade, and a cord-wrapped handle for easy gripping.

Masahiro Black Cherry Blossom Katana

Honor Katsumoto’s legacy with this assemble-yourself piece. If you want to really get the full katana experience, assembling the sword yourself connects you to the weapon in a way no pre-assembled item can. It has gorgeous cherry blossoms engraved in the guard. It has a 28 inch high carbon steel blade. It is handmade and extremely sharp, so be careful! It can slice through wire without damaging the blade!

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Musashi Hand Forged Rosewood Shirasaya

Looking for a lightweight, functional cutter? Well, look no further fellow samurai warrior. Lo and behold the Musashi Hand Forged Rosewood Shirasaya!

The Shirasaya was actually intended for storage and transport of blades in a concealed manner. This graceful Samurai Sword you see here features great traditional styling at a phenomenal price! It has a traditional Shirasaya style in a modern day production. Its blade is secured by traditional method and can be removed for care or display, and is unbelievably sharp! One bamboo pin comes with to help secure the handle and blade.

This comes with a sword bag for safe keeping. Perfect for display or even light target cutting!


  • Overall Length: 38 ½”
  • Blade Length: 27”
  • Handle Length: 10 ½”

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Musashi Hand Forged Sakura Katana

Musashi Hand Forged Sakura Katana This stunning Musashi Hand Forged Sakura Katana sports a specially decorated scabbard which symbolizes the Sakura (or Cherry) Blossom. In Japan, the extreme beauty and sudden death of the cherry blossom has often been associated with mortality, making them highly symbolic.

Along with the great story behind the sword comes a handsome blade too. This lightweight sword is easy to swing and provides audible feedback. It is hand forged and razor sharp!

This is one of many of our newest Samurai Swords made by Musashi Swords. These weapons are economically priced and of the highest quality possible! Many have said that they can’t believe how great of a buy these swords are! Try one out today!

Sword Specs:

  • Overall Length: 39”
  • Blade Length: 28”
  • Handle Length: 10.75”

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Musashi Hand Forged Samurai Katana

Musashi Hand Forged Samurai Katana Musashi, the greatest swordsman ever in Japan, won no less than 60 sword duels and was undefeated. He not only was a master at swordmanship but also an author and talented artist. He wrote the Book of Five Rings and taught others of his unique sword art. There is none other quite like him!

Of our newest line of Samurai Swords, this Musashi Handmade Samurai Katana is a tribute to the greatest swordsman ever! Handmade by Musashi Swords, this highly economical yet functional sword is perfect for any martial artist as it comes razor sharp and full tang.

Some of the Attributes of this Weapon:

Blade: Made of High Carbon Steel and hammerd throughout for a universal hardness. Features a Bo-Hi to lower its weight and provides audible feedback when swung.

Saya: Wooden with a black high gloss finish and a black cord wrap around the Kurigata of the scabbard. The Koiguchi has been hardened.

Tsuba: Made of one piece brass construction, the Habaki features an engraved Musashi symbol with a black steel Tsuba featuring the legendary double ring design, along with two Seppas.

Tsuka: A dragon designs the black steel Fuchi and the Tsuka core is wooden with an authentic ray skin Same wrap. The ray skin features a black Ito wrapped over it and two bamboo Mekugi secure the tang of the sword. The Tsuka features two copper Menuki and this sword also features a black steel Kashira with a dragon design.

The beauty of these Musashi swords are out of this world, especially when compared to the price! This right here is one of the best swords at the lowest price possible for such a superb weapon!

Sword Specs:

  • Length: 40”
  • Blade: 28.7”
  • Handle: 11”

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