Zatoichi: Sword of the Blind Swordsman

ZatoichiZatoichi is a well known fictional character of Japan from the Edo period (during the 1800’s). Upon first impression he seems to be an innocent, blind traveler, wandering around the country showing his musical ability, performing acupuncture, and showing off his superb swordsmanship skills, especially that of iaido. He carries a cane sword (because blades were banned during this period) that was specially made for him. Despite his calm, quiet characteristics, he actually can be quite fierce when faced with his foes. Known for his protection over the innocent, Zatoichi is an incredible fighter and a fearsome opponent.

The shikomizue (which literally means “prepared cane”) is functional and comes with a fully sharpened carbon steel blade! So you can use your skills to take down samurai and yakuza just like the film hero! Its blade features grooves on one side of its handle for orientation and the red scabbard and handle are highly lacquered. It also includes a custom wooden sword box with engraving and a cloth sword bag!

This Zatoichi Sword of the Blind Swordsman (red) sword can be an extravagant addition to your Hadmade Swords, Movie Swords, or Asian Swords collection!


  • Overall Length: 39”
  • Handle Length: 11”

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