300 - Spartan Warrior Shield aluminum 24"


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These exact replicas from the movie 300, based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same name, are extraordinarily accurate.

The Spartans, elite warriors led by King Leonidas, used these shields in the Battle of Thermopylae when fighting against the invading forces of the Persian King Xerxes. The shields are large enough to protect a warrior from neck to thigh, which was prefect for the way they fought, moving as a single unit.

The 300 Spartan Movie Shield is a great piece to add to your collection, and if you don’t already own a King Leonidas replica sword, also from the movie, you may want to add that to your order.

Dimensions: 24” diameter
Construction: cast aluminum with rubberized backing
Carried: has a thick wooden handle for increased durability and an adjustable nylon strap for fitting

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