Shinai Padded Bokken (Set Of Two) 35 1/2"


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These padded training bokken make a great addition for any martial artist, whether you train at a professional dojo or at home. You can practice katas or square off against another martial artist with these safe practice bokken.

This is the perfect bokken to use while sharpening your kendo skills and getting ready for your next martial arts demonstration. They are safe and make a great training aid.

This item contains two of the Shinai Padded Training Bokken, so you can immediately begin working on your technique with your training partner. Get ready to have some fun!

Overall Length 35.5”
Two (2) Padded Bokken Included
Padded Shinai in action-
More ninja misconceptions:
  • Can hover for hours
  • Flip out and kill everything
  • Are completely self-sufficient.
  • Split planks vertically with their nose
  • Can hide in incense smoke

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