Training Bokken 41 1/2"


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When one is aspiring to become a great swordsman, he has to learn to wield a katana.  Rather than practicing his young skills with a razor sharp blade (with which he may cause severe injury to himself or anyone else standing in the area), he would use a simple wooden sword called a bokken during much of his training.  Made of wood from the Japanese Green Oak tree, a wood called Kashi, these swords were a close match in size, weight, and feel of a true steel sword.  These Bokkens are still used today but are far from inexpensive and tend to split, crack, or splinter, not to mention rot eventually.  So Cold Steel decided to come up with a solution…

This Training Bokken is made of the heaviest grade polypropylene available and like the authentic Kashi wood Booken, closely duplicates a real Katana in length, size, weight, and feel.  Although not as rigid as wood, these bokken have great advantages, like being nearly unbreakable and exceptionally thick and cut resistant. 

  • Weight:  17.7 oz
  • Thickness:  1”
  • Overall Length:  41 1/2”
  • Blade Length:  30”
  • Handle Length:  11 ½”

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