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Hundreds of years ago the Japanese discovered a vital truth to the well being of practicing swordsmen abroad.  If you want to become a great swordsman, you need to be skillful and confident when wielding a live blade, and in order to meet both of those criteria, it is best to practice with something that does not feature a razor sharp blade.  The Japanese used a simple wooden sword made of Japanese Green Oak tree (Kashi), called a bokken.  With a weight, feel, size, and appearance of a steel sword, these swords were perfect for practice and safety.  Today these authentic swords still exist but have disadvantages like price and the tendency to eventually crack, rot, split, or splinter.  Thankfully, Cold Steel decided to seek a solution…

This new Wakizashi Bokken is made of the heaviest grade polypropylene and is much like a real Wakizashi in weight, size, length, and feel.  They are not as rigid as wood bokken but they are definitely stiff and cut resistant, and virtually unbreakable! 

  • Weight:  12.2 oz
  • Thickness:  3/4”
  • Overall Length:  27 3/8”
  • Blade Length:  21”
  • Handle Length:  6 3/8”

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