Hanwei - Practical Pro Series - Ninja - White


Manufacturer Part Number SH1071
Brand CAS Iberia
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CAS Hanwei
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If you are born a ninja, you die a ninja. You do not trust, and you do not love. This is one of the truest utterances of this ancient Way and poignantly describes the enhanced discipline and commitment of these dedicated individuals who live and breathe their art.

This unique Practical Shinobi Ninja-to pays homage to the ancient secrets of the Ninja and would be a proud sword for any committed warrior. Its hand forged high carbon steel blade has been uniquely tempered using a traditional claying method.

The sword is decorated with elegant fittings of antiqued black iron in true Ninja styling. It is detailed with a guard (tsuba) that displays showing the kuji-kiri positions, essential to the study of the art. From its authentic ray skin wrapped hilt (tsuka) and the ornate display of the demon head bindings on the scabbard (saya), this is a sword that demonstrates masterful craftsmanship and advanced technique that any Ninja would live and die for.


Overall Length: 34 1/2 in
Blade: 22 3/4 in
Handle: 10-1/4 in
Thickness: .28"
Weight: 1lbs 14oz

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