Medieval Crusader Wooden Waster Sword


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People need to train swords without killing or causing serious injury in the process.  Many asian swords exist for practice but it is rare to find one quite like this.  This sword is one of the oldest forms of practice tools - often referred to as a "waster."  It can be found in societies ranging from ancient Greece and Egypt to Medieval Europe, Japan and so on.  It has undergone many changes during its lifespan, starting as a simple stick and eventually transforming into something with similar aspects as a steel sword. 

This wood sword is great for plays, reenactments, and Renaissance Fair attendees.  It features close fitting pieces with a ridge running down the center of its blade.  A rounded tip will keep yourself and others from being poked.  A tough guard is attached for a classic appeal like the longsword.  The handle and pommel are made of separate pieces.
  • Overall Length:  47.5"
  • Blade Length:  34.5"
  • Handle Length:  12"
  • Balance Point:  2.25" from Guard

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