Norman Helmet Deluxe 18 gauge

Norman Helmet Deluxe 18 gauge


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This sturdy but light and airy nasal helmet was a favorite of the Normans who conquered England, Sicily and fought in the Crusades.


Constucted of 18-guage mild steel

This Normal replica helmet is handmade, some differences in finish and size may occur. It is made of 18 gauge steel.

The helmet is full-sized and wearable. It makes a great addition to any Medieval costume or a wonderful display piece.

The helmet stand is not included.

Normandy, which is an area in Northern France, is named for the Normans who lived there. These soldiers arrived 200 years following the Vikings and came with different kinds of swords and protective clothing. The Normans were known to wear cone shaped helmets that covered the head and top part of the face to keep them safe when fighting.

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