Iron Gorget Set

Iron Gorget Set


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Initially Gorget was leather or steel collar designed to protect throat. It was very important part of older types of armor costumes. It was principally designed to protect the throat of medieval Knights against swords and non-projectile attacks. Medieval period Knight on the horseback used to be equal to 80 warriors on foot. Knights used different kinds of costumes for tournaments and warfare.
Steel collars were used to protect the neck opening. 18th century onwards, Gorget became symbolic accessory for the battle field dresses. But till this time, Gorget has become quite popular among the warriors and knights worldwide. That's why; it is still the most sought medieval armor decor piece among the medieval collectors and medieval decor lovers.
This Gorget Set is made of premium grade steel sheet with about 8" neck diameter. Its width is about 15.5 inch and height is approx. 5 inch. Sparkling brass rivets arranged in specific style and handmade side boundary all around makes it an essential medieval collection.
The high quality brown color polish over the metallic body keeps it safe from environmental and ageing effects. With a single look over its brown and golden color match, you will end your search for the unique medieval decor item that could justify your investment.

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