Pig Face Bassinet Helmet

Pig Face Bassinet Helmet


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Small "nasals" were developed to protect the nose and part of the face after the great helm was discarded. By the middle of the 14th century, most knightsdiscarded the great helm altogether in favor of a fully visored bascinet. The visor was often conical, giving the appearance of a muzzleor a beak. They were sometimes called "dog faced" (medievally known as a hounskull) or "pig faced" (a common but strictly modern term). The early versions sometimes had a neck defence of mailcalled a camail or aventail, while later versions (at the end of the 14th century) often protected the neck with a separate but attached plate assembly, the gorget. The aventail was attached to a leather band, which was in turn attached to the lower border of the bascinet by a series of staples called vervelles. Holes in the leather band were passed over the vervelles, and a waxed cord was passed through the holes in the vervelles to secure it.

Hand Made Pig Face Bassinet Helmet Medieval Helmet Chrome Finish Excellent quality.

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