The Guardian Pirate Sword 30 1/2"

The Guardian Pirate Sword 30 1/2"


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Arrrr matey! Pirate swords are here and with the return of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean, pirate swords are back and in full effect! If you mention the word pirate it is only a second thought you think of their pirate swords. Swab the deck swashbucklers and grab yourself one of these replica pirate swords or walk the plank. Davey Jones or The great black beard himself would be proud to carry any of these fine collectible pirate swords so grab one today!

30.5 inches in length

  • Solid brass/metal hilt and guard
  • Matching hard case
  • Guard engraved with a great pirate ship
  • Skull and Cross bones logo on handle
  • Silver twisted handle
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