Nepalese Gurkhas Kukri 15"

Nepalese Gurkhas Kukri 15"


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The kukri is the renowned national blade of Nepal and the Gurkhas, an elite Nepalese Brigade of the British Army.  The kukri is a long, curved knife that is deadly in the hands of the Gurkhas. They generally measure between 12 and 18 inches in length, and this particular kukri is 15 inches long. The stainless steel blade measures approximately 10 inches long, and has a rat-tail tang. Kukri blades always feature a notch called the kaura, which is essentially a Hindu religious and phallic symbol.

The wood handle is nicely polished and has brass accents. This is a finely constructed piece, and has a solid, heavy feel. It comes sharpened to a razors edge and has a genuine leather sheath to house it in.

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