Azan Axe Double Bladed Dwarven Battle 25"

Azan Axe Double Bladed Dwarven Battle 25"


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Azan's Double Bladed Dwarven Battle Axe is a stunning piece. This Axe can be shown off to your friends and family with pride. The blades on this Axe are made of zinc aluminum, so they do not weigh you down. It is about 25 Inches long, with a wooden handle. The axe blade has a factory edge and meant to be put on display. Each side of the blade is decorated with engraved and raised designs: Dragon, Horse, Gods, People.

Strait from the Dwarven forge and into your hand. This Dwarven Battle Axe tells a story of it's own. The Dwarves were great minors, but even better at forging battle axes. The metals they used were always the best and forged to perfection.

  • Overall Length: 25 Inches
  • Blade Length: 6.5 Inches
  • Blade: Double Sided, Dwarven, Decorative
  • Material: Zinc Aluminum
  • Handle: Wooden, Grooved

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