Ancient Rome Warrior Axe and wall display 22"

Ancient Rome Warrior Axe and wall display 22"


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This Axe certainly has the flavor of the Ancient Rome Warrior, with its golden gilded crest, shaft and pommel. Its twin stainless blades are fantasy style, with hollows carved out of each side. The openings make the axe look much more lethal and give it a lightness that you wouldn't expect. Perfect for a quick swings. The rubber grip is, of course, not historically accurate, but the axe is much more of a fantasy showpiece than a historical reproduction. Besides, the rubber gives the handle a fantastic feel and provides a matchless grip. The stainless steel shaft is made to be light but strong, and the gold spike on the end is a terrifying addition to the axe. This axe is machined to perfection. An absolutely stunning addition to any collection. Comes with its own mounting plaque and custom hardware. Overall Length 22 inch

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