Forged Medieval Knight Leg Knee Armor Poleyn Cuisse


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Pair of battle ready Leg Armor!
Protects the knee, thigh, and leg from blade swords and projectiles. After relentless R & D, the 18 AWG steel is forged to produce the most accurate and battle ready form of armor from the Middle Ages. Six sections of the armor are riveted together, forming a hinge that moves fluid at the joints. Every piece is made with 100% steel and Genuine thick cow hide leather. Four adjustable straps support the battle ready armor, one of which is a double strap meant to hang from your belt. Each adjustable strap connects with a steel buckle and additional holes can be punched into the cow hide strap for fine tuned adjustment.

The ¾ coverage leg armor deflects impacts away from the armor with special contours. Each joint is layered sections of steel for extra protection and additional flexibility. Every aspect of this armor was researched and replicated from the original medieval armor. The Cuisse sports an authentic side plate section hinged on the side. The Poleyn has the traditionally effective clover side plate to protect each knee. At the top and bottom edges of the armor the steel is folded over for extra reinforcement.

Overall Length: 23 Inches
Width: 8 Inches
Steel Gauge: 18 AWG
Fitment: Adult Sizes
Features: Adjustable Leather Straps
Includes: Two Leg Armor Greaves
Real Armor, Battle Ready

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