Roman Elite's Dagger 14"


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Complete your ancient dagger collection with this beautiful dagger! This replica Roman dress dagger measures 14" overall and features a two-toned 440 stainless steel double edged blade. The intricately detailed cast metal handle offers ornate artwork and gold-colored highlights. This dagger includes a composite sheath with blue faux jewel accents.

The Roman Sidearm
The small dagger used by Roman soldiers and citizens was often carried as a sidearm. It seems likely that the daggers were intended as an auxiliary or backup daggers in military tactics, but it found many uses, such as a utility knife and even status symbol of politicians and citizenry. The Roman dagger was often highly decorated and were clearly a status symbol. Officials of the empire took to wearing these ornate daggers in the performance of their offices, and some would wear concealed daggers as a defense against contingencies. The dagger was a common dagger of assassination and suicide; for example, as is recorded of the conspirators who stabbed Julius Caesar.

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