Medieval Carlos V Royal Knights Crusader Shield 24"


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This is a reproduction of an early English Royal Coat of Arms. The Lions represent the Leon and the Castle represents the ruler-ship. At the middle of the shield carries the English Coat of Arms. The Castle in first quarter of the arms is for Castile. The second quarter is the Lion of Leon. The Eagles behind the quarters represented his reign in Austria. The Crusader Cross represents his reign as the Holy Roman Emperor.

Carlos Coat of arms was a simplified version of the Coat used by his father and grandfather. He was the grandchild of Isabella and Ferdinand who first united Spain. Carlos was the first Spanish king to rule over the Spanish Empire. His lands reached from America to the Philippines. The Shield in constructed of Stainless Steel. The back ground is a red and white against an aged white finish. For easy display the shield comes equipped with a steel chain. The shield also comes with an arm band and handle allowing the shield to be worn. The coat of arms is golden steel built solid with steel rivets. The shield is double reinforced steel and triple reinforced on the corners.

Length: 24 inch
Width: 17.5 inch
Material: Double and Triple Steel Reinforce Edges
Crest: Aluminum Antiqued Brass Finish
Background: Red and White Crackle with Gold Undertone
Includes: Hanging Steel Chain and Arm Strap with Handle Grip

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