Jin Tachi Katana Japanese Ceremonial Sword

Jin Tachi Katana Japanese Ceremonial Sword


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The Tachi was the prototype for the Katana. The sword first came into popularity during the Heian Era (794 AD-1184 AD). The Tachi was originally used for mounted warriors. The curve of the sword allowed the mounted warriors to easily cut down infantry. The sword could be used on foot but was awkward at best. The Tachi continued to forged well into the feudal era and coexisted with the Katana. Eventually the difference between the Tachi and the Katana was simply how it was worn. The Katana would be slipped in the Obi and worn blade down. The Tachi was hung from suspension fittings and was always worn with the cutting edge down.

This is a beautiful piece for the elite warrior!

Overall Length: 41.5 Inches
Blade Length: 27.5 Inches
Blade: Tachi, Sharp, 440 Stainless Steel
Handle Length: 14 Inches

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