Zatoichi Handmade Nodachi Cane Sword - Blind Samurai

Zatoichi Handmade Nodachi Cane Sword - Blind Samurai


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Zatoichi is Seemingly only a Harmless blind masseur who wanders around the country making his living by gambling; however, He is also highly Skilled in Swordsmanship, Specifically Iaijutsu. He keeps his sword concealed within his cane. Cane swords, or shikomizue, were generally straight, lower-quality blades, which could not compare with regular katanas - However as revealed in Zatoichi's Cane Sword, his blade is nearly superior to a katana and was created by a master sword smith just before his prime.

A recurring theme of both the films and television series episodes concerns Zatoichi protecting the innocent from oppressive warring Yakuza gangs and general injustice. Zatoichi's now-trademark inverted hold on his cane sword grip combined with his abilities using such a stance, his sometimes inexplicably keen ears and nose, and personal perception renders him a capable surprise attacker.

Product features:

Functional sword comes with fully sharpen blade.
Beautiful 1045 carbon steel blade with Hamon.
High quality lacquered red scabbard (saya) and handle.
Grooves on one side of Handle for blade orientation.
Includes custom wooden sword box with engraving and cloth sword bag.
39 1/2 in.overall, 27 3/4 in. blade.
Most accurate Zatoichi sword replica.
Unique addition to your handmade sword collection.

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